Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music to the Ears of Computational Libertarians Like Me - Dell Gives Linux Laptops Another Chance

My HP tx1000 laptop died. I figured its northbridge may have unseated itself once again. Having already done the heat gun reflow trick on it once, I should now look at a replacement laptop.

This post at TechCrunch made me cheer.

If this Windows-less Dell XPS13 does come to fruition, I am definitely getting one.

I hate the way Microsoft does its things, I hate UEFI secure boot being made essentially mandatory, and I like having the choice to put whatever I want on my laptop.Not to mention I don't like paying for something that I don't use.

By the way, I posted a Chinese translation of the TechCrunch post above (translated by yours truly) on HKGolden.

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